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Sept 26, 2015

Jupiter Radio Emissions Monitoring



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The Jupiter Space Station

 Tri-County Technical College Students

Capturing DEEP IMPACT in
Hydrogen Light


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Our Newest Star

Shanni Prutchi

Pluto is a Planet!

Young Scientist Ashby Bodine says: "I think that just because Pluto is small it doesn't have to be called a dwarf planet. It is a big rock like all the others and it orbits the sun like all the other planets. If you know other scientists, tell them that Pluto is just a planet."

UPDATE: International Astronomical Union is looking at making Pluto a planet again... Maybe in 2015... Good show Ashby!

South Carolina Junior Academy
of Science

Our JSS Mentored Student:

David Christopher Balding

Pickens High School

Hydrogen First Light
Rosette Nebula & Sagittarius A

Methanol First Light - 6.7 GHz
Galactic Plane Maser Emission

Methanol First Light - 12.2 GHz
Pleiades - Taurus Maser Emissions


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Tri-County Tech Students

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