David Christopher Balding
A Solar Astronomy Story

Ten Years Later... November, 2016...

  Christopher has proven himself to be one of our most outstanding success stories of the Jupiter Space Station. Doug Fagan, KJ4X (Silent Key],  and Dr John D Bernard were his mentors during his junior/senior year whirlwind ride to the International Science Fair in Phoenix sponsored by Intel in 2005 with his radio astronomy project. Complete details of this whirlwind are described below.  Today, Christopher Balding is living in North Dakota with his three year old son, Oliver, and his lovely wife, Jordan.

  He is working as a lead avionics technician, having graduated from Greenville Technical College with an Associates Degree in Aviation Technology, with a certificate in Avionics, and graduating with honors. He currently has an FCC Commercial License with Radar Endorsement, along with a NCATT certification. His  NCATT certification
demonstrates a knowledge base of the advanced aerospace technician.  His typical work activities include  installing new navigation equipment, troubleshooting failures within auto flight and communication systems, as well as a sales rep for upgrading to the “Next Gen” of avionics equipment.

  Here are two little known facts about Christopher that we would like to now share:

  Doug Fagan (deceased) was a church member with Christopher and his family. Doug introduced him to us, and is jumping up and down in heaven, calling CQ QRX... because all he wanted for Christopher was to see him career-wise grow into a productive scientist, engineer, or advanced technician... and he has.

  Secondly, Doug and I shared a goal set with Christopher which was known only to a few close friends and family. We asked Christopher to prepare himself to become the "First Man to Stand on Mars." One of our goals was to see him get part time employment at Pickens Airport, sweeping up, washing planes, etc. because most Astronauts and Mission Specialists are flyers and he might get an opportunity to fly there. Academic schedule and science projects did not allow him to do that though.

  Since then NASA's Mars timeline has stalled, there is still a window of opportunity for him at his still young age. If this can not be a reality for Christopher, Doug and I, and others at the JSS are prepared to begin work with the next man up... Oliver.



This radio astronomy project is designed to retrieve signals from radio sources in the universe and experiment with the basic science of Radio Astronomy.

Christopher Balding
Pickens High School
Dr. John D Bernard 
JSS Mentor
Doug Fagan
JSS Advisor
Carl Lyster
JSS Advisor

The Project Presentation: The Project Research Paper
The 2005 South Carolina Junior Academy of Science
Physics and Astronomy

Held at Winthrop University

The PowerPoint Presentation

The 2005 South Carolina Region IB Science Fair
Held at Clemson University

The Research Paper (DOC)
Mr Balding receives:

Second Best Presentation Award in
Physics and Astronomy
Mr Balding receives:

-Earth/Space Science/Weather - Gold Award from Clemson University - College of Eng. & Science

 The International Society Optical Engineering Award for Best Project

 American Meteorological Society Certificate of Outstanding
Achievement for Ability and Creativity in an Atmospheric Science Exhibit

Intel Participant for the 2005 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Phoenix, Arizona



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