JSS Jupiter Radio Emissions Monitoring

Plus the JSS Research on the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Collision

John D. Bernard 
Project Manager

Project Leaders
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The Magic Loop

Comet Shoemaker-Levy Report

Photo of Original Loop Mounted in a 10' Dish

Our radio set-up was donated to Morehead State University where Rollie Hatfield used the Magic Loop to explore the Jovian Storms of Jupiter. This is the JSS Magic Loop [Bob Sickels design] described in Sky and Telescope, Dec. 1989. Note 21.4 MHz blue BP filter and gold wideband pre-amp, both by Mini-Circuits. A sweet homemade antenna with signal enhancement.
An Excellent Intro to Jupiter Monitoring... the How-to's and Equipment Suggestions

From the Lunar and Planetary Institute... here is one of many fine tutorials to Jupiter Emissions

A Complete "easy peasy" Jupiter Monitoring System for under $ 175


Jupiter Ephemeris User Guide

Jovian Storm Predictions
April 3 to Jul 17 2013

Our Free Software for daily Storm Predictions and inner Moon Positions:

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Sound Bi
te of an L-Burst
Io B Jovian Storm of April 3, 1994

 Sound Bite of an S-Burst

Spectral Bite

Spectrogram of Io B Storm

SL-9 Excerpt about the JSS from
Seeing in the Dark

By Dr Timothy Ferris