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This page has a composite of our first data received on our 12.2 GHz system
 as well as the first results of our Summer 2002 Observing Program at 12.2 GHz. 

Summer 2002 Methanol 12.2 GHz Observing Program

In our Summer 2002 Observing Program we again went back to the vicinity south of  the Pleiades
and began 45 drift scans through Taurus into Gemini [Starting RA 5h 49m 10s DEC +24 34' 5"].
This preliminary data is the result of 25 observing days working this quadrant.  The
telescope is a 4 meter dish with a 2.5 cm feed and 90 dB of staged amplification fed into
an HP 141T/8553b with data acquisition and post processing done on a Pentium
with DigiSpectrum Software.

The below data set is a movie animation of 1 minute 40 seconds of a source identified
near the Galactic  Equator by 132 Tau in Taurus.  This animation shows some
of the gas structure of this MME flare.


The below data set is a movie animation of sources identified in a three
 day period from June 26 through June 28, 2002. Each day has a different color for the line graph. 
From June 4 through June 25 we captured random Methanol Maser Emission flares.
 On the three days shown below the sources fired up to a climax on June 28, 2002.


First Light - JSS Methanol [12.2 GHz] Maser Emission
Pleiades Nebula - M45 

Taken by Jupiter Space Station Group on 12' Dish - January 30, 2002

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