The Jupiter Space Station Group

For just under $175 this is an inexpensive system that performs as well as
 most professional grade monitoring systems for Jupiter.

The Tecsun Pl-600 is very sensitive and is used in SSB mode to monitor 21.2 MHz using the
 MFJ-6116 antenna... already length cut to 21.2 Mhz.

The earphone out of the Teccun Pl-600 is plugged into the mic-in jack of the Sony Digital Recorder using an inexpensive RadioShack  mono 1/8" to 1/8" cable. Either of two timers on the radio are set to the event times found on this web site under the Jovian Storm Predictions table.

The Sony is then set to record in VOX mode so when the radio wakes up, the Jupiter frequency you set on the radio records for 1 - 90 minutes [you select]

The antenna is strung outside your window by the white rectangular tab which has the copper antenna line and the black ladder line attached to it. You need two screw type eyebolts, one for the house side and one for the tree. The black ladder line is about 11' and it ends with the silver female SO-239 connector which you slip easily under the bottom of your window. The white insulator at the end of the copper line is strung out to a tree or pole in the yard. Use only non-metal rope to hang the two ends... not wire.

 The silver SO-239 connector at the end of the black ladder line needs a cable with at least one SO-239 male connector [eBay or RadioShack]. Cut off whatever is at the other end and trim the wire at that end down to the center wire. Now get a 1/8" mono phone plug from Radio Shack. Sorry but you need to solder the mono plug onto the trimmed bare wire.... then tape it at the neck. Screw the SO-239 male onto the ladder line's SO-239 female, and plug the 1/8" mono plug into the external antenna jack on the radio.

If you want to listen to the event while it is happening and recording, simply plug your ear buds into the Sony recorder earphone jack.

Set the alarm on the radio...You are now waiting for Jupiter to sing.