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John D Bernard, W4JSS              Ronald Douglas 'Doug' Starwalt, KB4FEM

Sail Boating at Belle View Cottage and Flying out of Air Fields in Pendleton, SC

Planetary High Altitude Balloon Experimentation

Flight Movies Gotha Project/Photos Soling 1m Sailboat

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Jupiter Space Station

Our Planes/Copters/Sailboats:

Soling One Meter AMYA Class

Custom Sailboat Rescue/Retrieval Powerboat

DG808S 4M Electric Complete - Built RTF

CMP Beaver 72" Electric - Built Flown Sold

Zeta Dolphin Jet - Pusher 1M Complete - Flown

Custom Designed Quadcopters -RTF Flown

Intermezzo 100 - RTF Flown

Giant Easy Stik Electric 83" - Building

10' Double Delta Coyle Box Kite - Flown

Sky Surfer FPV 2M - Built Flown

DG1000 Electric Glider 2M - Built RTF

Avistar Elite Electric Trainer - Built RTF

Phoenix Evolution Glider 1.6/2.6M - Built - RTF  Flown