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Planetary High Altitude Balloon Experimentation

Our Ballooning Interests
Doug and I have watched the Brits having success at:
Creating a hot bed for ballooning activity... aka UKHAS
       ● pico and HAB ballooning all over the planet
       ● developing new electronics and tracking systems

basically just having too much FUN...
  In 2015 we plan to join the Fun:
● Fabricate a new nylon envelope with a Teflon coating
            to combat rain, ice, heat, and of course sulfuric acid
● Launch 3 Nano [Flight Design below] floaters with this membrane
       ● Use our 2 3000g Kaymonts to go for the High Altitude Record
       ● and fly our Power Wing down from there to our Black Sheep air field

The Valor Venus Flight System

Presentation image from the 2008, 6TH International Planetary Probe Workshop
Atlanta, Georgia June 23-27, 2008


Known at NASA as HAVOC...

 technical challenges for the Venus mission include inserting and inflating the airship at Venus, protecting the solar panels and structure from the sulfuric acid in Venus atmosphere.

Here's our Flight Design plan for our first flight [late April]:


Free Floater Balloon Calculators for H and He to download

We have done a substantial overhaul of the original Floaters.od spreadsheet [author unknown] located in the Google cloud. There are now 3 versions of the new spreadsheet: MS Excel 2003 [xls], MS Excel 2007 [xlsx], and Office Documents [od].

The new spreadsheet includes both Hydrogen and Helium, and are based on the US Standard Atmosphere 1976 Values. As is well known, that means that the data at each height is more temperature accurate. The sheet includes floating height and the super-pressure at each height. It assumes perfect thermal transfer between the gas and the outside air, and that there is no solar thermal transfer to the gas.

The sheet is calculated for 45000m in 50m increments, includes a Rate of Ascension approximation, and a 1% lift add-in for envelope back pressure. Additionally there are other Gas Empirical calculations for H and He.

Do not bitch about this spreadsheet in forums... email us and we will correct and republish it. If you can ID the original author, have him contact us so we can add him to the Credits section of the spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is US ęcopyrighted 2015 and is free for your personal use only. It is not to be republished in any form without our permission.

Excel 2003 [xls]
HydrogenHeliumFloater45Kx50M  Excel 2007 [xlsx] HydrogenHeliumFloater45Kx50M
Office Document [od]

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