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Soling One Meter Class Sail Boating

Our Sailboat Interests
We have watched the Soling 1M Regattas on
       Utube and we plan to build a Soling 1M :

Build a boat for experimenting with construction/performance
       ● Test it on Belle View Pond

basically just having FUN...
  In 2018 our plans to join the Fun:
●  Join the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA)
●  Join the Charleston Model Yacht Club
      ●  Race on Sundays in Charleston

Soling One Meter Racing


Sailboat Rescue Powerboat

3 Acre - Belle View Pond - our Testing Site [starting April 2018]:


Deck Mounted Data Logging Acurite Pro Weather Station


So let the Soling Build begin...

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