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Supernova Credits

Programming - Lee Dial
Supernova was created as a final project for Advanced Internet Programming at Tri-County Technical College instructed by Dr. John D. Bernard. This program is based on a javascript version of ELIZA. The javascript version of ELIZA was originally written by Michal Wallace and significantly enhanced by George Dunlop.

From there in 1999 an AI class worked on the conversion to a technical consultant. The javascript code was translated to Sun JAVA to make the final version a JAVA applet. Modifications to the code made the engine cater more to the radio astronomy questions coming from the typical visitor to The Jupiter Space Station site.
An exit command was added so that if entered into the chat field, the applet directs the user back to the host website, The Jupiter Space Station.

Media- Lee Dial
All graphics, artwork, and media for the Supernova project were created by Lee Dial. The female character was created in PeoplePutty by Haptek software. The animation was exported in avi format and then usable portions were converted to animated gifs in JASC Animation Shop. Other graphics were created in JASC Paintshop Pro and Macromedia Fireworks. A Flash movie displays a Supernova with play and stop controls.

Site Design - Lee Dial
The Supernova web pages were created using Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash. A fully functional site for Supernova was created with links to the host site, The Jupiter Space Station, and links to the programmer's site. The site was given a look to match the applet's look and feel so that the applet fits seamlessly into the page surroundings.

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