Jupiter Space Station Radio Observatory

The following pages contain drawings and photos of the modifications to
the existing 12' Radio Telescope and the construction of the new 24' radio
 telescope being completed by members of the Jupiter Space Station Group.
 Planned completion date is October, 2003. The new site will be used for
 the SASER Project and 6.668 GHz research. Subsequently the instruments
will be used for traditional Radio Astronomy.

12' Drawing Pages 12' Construction Photographs
12' Dish and Pedestal
12' Upgrades Mount Modifications
  Hoisting Dish Unto New (Higher) Mount
Controller Schematics New Controller Mods Installed
  Pedestal Remote I/O Board for Motors
  JSS 12' 1296 MHz Feed

24' Drawing Pages 24' Construction Photographs
24' Telescope Model Initial Site Construction
Site Plan Site Entrance
NEW 24' Dish T-REX 24' Construction
Pedestal Drawing Pedestal Concrete Pour
Pedestal Brace Drawing Upper Pedestal Section Added
Mount Brace Support Drawing Control Room Construction - I
Mount Brace Face Plate Drawing Control Room Construction - 2
Mount Drawing Control Room Construction - 3
Mount Dimensions Drawing Mount  Completion
Hub and Antenna Rib Drawing High Voltage Power Supply Components
2425 MHz RF Chain for EME Microwave Oven Experiment

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