Mission - Research Goal - Acknowledgements

The mission of the programmer analysts in this project revolves around the creation of the CAT software programs that will be employed by the Yaesu receivers in the capture of Hydrogen signal from the Deep Impact Space Craft collision with Comet Tempel 1.


Mr. Kenric Hewitt worked with the Yaesu FT-857D.


Mr. Andrew Lee worked with the Yaesu VR-5000.
The research goal was to observe the hydrogen frequency emitted during the comet Tempel 1 collision with the JPL/NASA/UMD Deep Impactor on July 4, 2005 at approximately 5:52 +/- 3 UTC.

Hydrogen was choosen over other frequencies of interest [such as hydroxyl - OH]  because most of the high dollar equipment for hydrogen was in hand and the comet was known to contain an abundance of water which might create a temporary spike in signal from the equivalent 5 tons of TNT in the impactor explosion.

The project started in an Advanced Programming Class at
Tri-County Technical College in the Spring of 2005 and continued into the summer.

The Computer and Information Technology Department already owned a Wi-Fi scanning receiver [1 - 2600 MHz] and computers with student and faculty developed software; and coupled with equipment from their partner, the Jupiter Space Station, had all the components in place to do the project including partial funding, manpower, and equipment.

The plan was to shoot the event in Texas to take advantage of the higher altitude of the comet, and with a number of on-site modifications to the plan, John Bernard and Kenric Hewitt executed the plan capturing 4 channels of data taken in hydrogen light... the final analysis on the data can be found on the main page.

Appreciation for support from:

Tri-County Technical College

Martha Addis, Division Chair
Phil Smith, Department Head
John D Bernard, Faculty
All the Computer & Information
       Technology Faculty
Kenric Hewitt, CIT Student
Andy Lee, EET Student

Jupiter Space Station Radio Observatory

John D Bernard, Director
Tommy Henderson, Associate
Lew Fitch, Advisor

 Radio Astronomy Supplies

Jeff Lichtman, President
Carl Lyster, Technical Manager

 NASA/JPL/University of Maryland

Jon Giorgini, JPL, Navigation & Mission Design
Elizabeth Warner, University of Maryland

Louisiana Sabine River Authority

Jim Pratt, Executive Director
Daniel Jones, Electrician
Catherine Hallbert, Info Center

Alpine Marina, Hemphill, Texas

Dan Schoonveld, Owner
Tom Schoonveld, Technical Help
Jan and Liz Schoonveld

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